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I used to have horrible allergies. My feet were also prone to thick calloused area, especially around the edge of the heel. When I changed my diet for the allergies, decreasing the total load in my diet, my allergies became nearly non-existent. I also experienced the bonus of soft uncalloused skin developing on my feet. (02/03/2005) A good pedicurist (I don't mean a podiatrist!) should be able to remove all callouses. You will be able to walk pain free again. At least till your next pedicure. INVEST IN GOOD SHOES! (08/11/2007) In botany , the term is also used to describe a condition of thickened surfaces of leaves or other plant parts. A callus also can refer to an undifferentiated plant cell mass grown on a culture medium, which can be put into a bioreactor to produce genetically identical cells. See also edit References edit Imbalanced, strained muscles pull on bones, joints, and ligaments, rotating and tilting skeletal components throughout the human form. Rippling upward from our foundation, improper foot structure or use can cause symptoms all the way up to the head. The problem may appear small and insignificant, but the cascade it can initiate can be damaging. A couple of bad conditions that can develop from untreated hard skin are foot ulcers and calluses. Help prevent them happening by keeping the feet in check and seeing to them when they need caring for. Also, it is vital to use the proper tools to remove hard skin so you don't cause further harm to the skin. Do you know what types of walking aids there are, or ever used one? Is the answer no? Good, let's keep it that way. Try and avoid walking with a stick, crutches or zimmer frame by remembering your feet are on the end of your legs.foot callus home remedy A corn may be soft or hard. It is thickest at its center, or core. A callus is hard and is usually of equal thickness throughout. Some corns and calluses are annoying but without pain. However, most cause at least mild discomfort. Some cause enough pain to make walking difficult. Pain may worsen, and redness and warmth may develop if a corn or callus becomes inflamed and infected. Warts may resemble corns and calluses and may cause similar symptoms. Your NY foot doctor / podiatrist will diagnose a corn or callus by recognizing its typical appearance during a physical examination of the foot. Prevention of corns & calluses Finally, bunions are another painful problems that may need to be examined by a foot doctor. The joint of the big toe is enlarged. There are several reasons that something like this happens. It can be walking a certain way or be something hereditary. Because of the pain involved, it is important to take this to the podiatrist at the first sign that there is a problem. The more self-imposed problems often come from poor ergonomics when using the computer or doing some other activity repetitively over a long period of time that disturbs the balance of the body’s structural components. Even worse is doing an activity incorrectly and repetitively. Once you have chosen the main ingredient for your body scrub you will then need to select an oil that is skin friendly. When it comes to selecting an oil it is a case of different strokes or different folks. Some might prefer a vegetable oil, others perhaps decide on baby oil or some other form of mineral oil. It is a personal preference, but the only oil I am willing to stroke on my body is grape seed oil. Store the mixture in the fridge until you plan to use it, but be sure to put it in the fridge for at least 20 minutes before use. 4foot callus soak